Green Therapy

Years ago, in Japan, I sat in a bamboo grove by a small pond and marveled at the peacefulness I felt. It only took 14 h flight to get there.

Today the next bamboo grove by a pond is 20 minutes drive away.


Sitting there, in the gardens of the Huntington Library, one feels far removed from all the cares in the world.

Yes, gardens are green therapy for the soul.

2 thoughts on “Green Therapy”

  1. I felt more peaceful just looking at the photo. At the wineries, there were some beautiful fountains. I tried to get some artistic photos. One winery in particular was spectacularly landscaped. Haven’t downloaded any photoss yet, but will have to to have enough mem on the camera. We are having a fabulous time Our little family always has a great time vacationing together.

  2. I am so glad that you are having so much fun, I truly and sincerely am.

    And the wineries – yes, some of them are really special. One of these days we are going to go there to stay in the area for a few days, get a car with a driver and then we’ll really enjoy what the region has to offer. When one has to drive, the options are a bit limited (at least one of us has to stay sober).

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