5 thoughts on “Quiet Moments”

  1. Gamble House is breathtakingly beautiful and very, very serene. They have quite a lot of visitors there, but the atmosphere seems to quieten them down. Or maybe it is a different set of people who make pilgrimages to places like this. Both house and garden are certainly high up on the scale of architectural value and beauty, but maybe not quite the place for the “average tourist” to SoCal to go. Not enough entertainment, you know.

  2. Petra, apparently I have been sending email to you at the wrong address. I wonder what the guy thinks who has been getting it. Anyway, I listed my email address to leave this reply. Would you please send me your email addy. I think I had it once, but now I don’t know what I did with it. I was going to send you the photos of those items you couldn’t open up on my web log.

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