4 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb”

  1. They are such gorgeous creatures. So regal. Of course, like all cats, it is their job – nay, career – to nap, is it not? Our cats are very good at their jobs, too.

  2. The resident kitties take their work very seriously. You see, it is very simple: Nothing nasty can settle on a spot guarded by a cat. As nasty things like to settle on soft and comfortable surfaces like beds and sofas and stuffed chairs. the cat has to be there. Nowhere in the “100 Rules for the Working Cat,” their official union rulebook, does it say that guarding a spot has to be done with eyes open.

    So, yes, they are a hardworking bunch. And we do not have any mice, finches or nasty spirits in our bed, on the sofa or the stuffed chairs.

  3. I’ve arranged to get rid of nasty spirits in my house. Not that the cats aren’t doing a good job. I just want to give them some rest. I’ve ordered 3 voodoo dolls and a hamsa. The voodoo dolls naturally come from Louisiana, are made and spelled by a third generation high priestess (named Shelby, which doesn’t sound likely for a voodoo high priestess). Anyway, she’s a very sweet lady. I wouldn’t cross her though. I’ll bet she knows some nasty curse spells. Now Miko wants a voodoo doll for Christmas. Shelby says she’s sent them to a lot of places, but doesn’t think she has any in Japan. Miko may end up being the only person in Japan with a swamp voodoo doll.

  4. That Miko! Of course she would be the only one in Japan with an honest to God swamp voodoo doll. That’s so funny!

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