7 thoughts on “Perfect Service”

  1. That’s one of my pet peeves. It’s usually only a few feet to the cart rack. If you watch, too, it’s usually big fat people who leave the carts – and they could use the exercise. We like to watch the people that drive around the parking lot endlessly, searching for parking maybe 3 spaces closer to the door. Again, it’s usually some waddler who could benefit of a walk. If I park where carts have been left, I move them. I don’t want them banging into my car and doing damage.

  2. Karen, you put everything in words I wanted to say with this photo.

    When I took the photo, some people walked by; they were interested in what I was shooting and I pointed out the two carts to them. Oh, they said, we thought you were taking photos of the cars…

    The irony of the tableau somehow did not seem to sink in.

  3. What’s sad is that the pervs who left the carts probably thought they were being good citizens because they left them on the lines instead of smack in the middle of the parking space.

  4. Right. For the more rugged mind “one good deed per day” in honor of the good old times when they were boy scouts.

    The more refined mind of the Christian ilk goes home knowing that this was another step stone to heaven.

  5. Has it ever occurred to you (and I’ll bet it has) that any place that’s full of those sanctimonious assholes is not paradise? It certainly has to me. I want to go wherever my beloved pets go.

  6. Don’t worry. Wherever those people go, paradise it is not. If you compare the basics of Christianity (in its best and truest sense) with the way they live and act and think – no way! And that is a comforting (though not very Christian) thought.

  7. I love to see I’m not the only one who hates this kind of behavior. As for your statement about paradise, Petra, I think you’re so right!

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