Isn't It Romantic?


Candles glowing in the dark always conjure up such romantic images. These candles were lit to greet the first power outage of the rainy season. They were first and foremost an emergency measure, not so much lit to cast a warm glow on a dreamy winter evening.

Yes, even though it is hard to believe, all it takes is a little rain (oops, a rain storm) and whole areas lose their power. The electric power, I mean. No true Angeleno loses inner power over such a trifle as a few hours without electricity. They improvise. They love the challenge. They cherish this sense of adventure. They are cool.

I, not being a true Angeleno, rely on my big bad Back-UPS. Once the computers are all safely shut down without loss of any data (the mother of all nightmares) I reach inside me and out come: improvisation skills, love of challenge, sense of adventure. I am not so sure about cool. After all, I am still an Angeleno in training.

And then, then it is time for a lovely glass of wine, sipped in the warm glow of candles. It is also a very interesting occasion to contemplate how people read before the introduction of electricity or even gas or oil lamps and such.

Lesson learned: Reading by candlelight is not something one wants to do every evening.

7 thoughts on “Isn't It Romantic?”

  1. I bought a couple of those touch lights, the big round ones. They are great in a power outage. In fact, I need to buy a couple more. We have a dollar store that really is a dollar store – everything’s a dollar. So, it’s cheaper than candles.

  2. Thanks. I have never seen something like that. But I will go and see whether I can find some – they look like a perfect solution to the problem of how to read during a power failure.

  3. Yes, they are quite good for reading. You can stick them on the wall or even hang them. I know Wal Mart has them, and if you have any sort of dollar stores out there, they might have them, too.

  4. Well, Wal Mart is a store I boycott. But we do have a multitude of 99 Cent stores, so I will try to find some there. These thingies certainly will come in handy next time the electricity goes walkabout.

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