Holy WHAM! POW! Batman

It is always fun to go and see film locations everybody knows. This time the trip was up to the “Bat Cave,” just around the corner. Literally around the corner, as the most famous cave of all caves sits right there in Griffith Park.

Here it is:

bat cave_IMG_1561.jpg

Not too exciting? Well, then take a look  here – with Batman and Robin in action. The clip is short, only 3:31 minutes and quite entertaining, because one sees a few examples of other films, where the Bronson Caves figure too.

To name only a few, scenes in these films and tv series were shot there:

Flash Gordon

Star Trek


I Am A Fugitive On A Chain Gang (1932)

Sagebrush Trail (1933)

Julius Caesar (1953)

The Searchers (1956)

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956)

Have Rocket, Will Travel (1959)

Ride The High Country (1962)

Lost Horizon (1973)

The Scorpion King (2002)

As an aside – whenever one sees snow in these movies, it is artificial. Griffith Park might sport famous scenery, but when it comes to snow, the props people have to get to work.

6 thoughts on “Holy WHAM! POW! Batman”

  1. I have bookmarked the link and will read it tonight. Thanks! I love trivia. I have to love trivia, it keeps me afloat in my work.

  2. Holy cow! I’ll have to do that tomorrow morning – I will report then. (I have been so busy, it just slipped my mind – my bad.)

  3. I did read, I did listen and I am quite amazed about this wonderful bit of trivia.

    Why does an old proverb spring to mind? “Waste not, want not?”

    Who would have thought that the Entertainment Industry is so resourceful when it comes to the recycling of the perfect scream?

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