Strange And Tasty

Kids can be bribed. Offer them some chocolate or candies and they become quiet or go away or stop torturing the cat/siblings/piano, depending on what you want them to do or let be. At least this works with most kids. It never worked with me. It became a family joke: “Offer her a bar of chocolate or a sandwich and bet on what she will choose.” It was never the chocolate.

Fast forward. I learned to appreciate a piece of chocolate now and then – dark, rich, bitter. Or mole negro, this Oaxacan delicacy which takes two days to prepare if done properly and where some real chocolate is involved, not this sickly sweet stuff. I also became very adventurous when it comes to food. Some of the things I ate might frighten the poor reader; not every time the experience was quite what I had had in mind, but then – life is an adventure.

And then I came across this:


My first reaction was – eek, chocolate. My second – it does sound strange enough to give it a try. And try it I did. Résumé: In an odd way this chocolate is very lovely. Yes, there is a quite distinct bacon flavor (good). It is also salty (good). There is the barest hint of a dark chocolate taste, blending in with the bacon and the salt, but more like an afterthought. So that can be filed under good too.

It is definitely not a chocolate for the chocoholic. It is something one has one square of now and then. But that’s okay with me, because I really do not go for chocolate in a big way. To bribe me one has to give me “real” food. Then, I will stop torturing the piano.

4 thoughts on “Strange And Tasty”

  1. I can’t resist semi-sweet or dark chocolate. I send Miko an assortment of choccies usually twice a year, because, apparently, it’s hard to get good chocolate in Japan. I used to get a chocolate craving right before my period. Haven’t had one of those in 14 years. Period, that is. Still get the chocco craving every so often.

  2. So you send choccie packages instead of care packages – right.
    No wonder that Miko loves you. After all, as we all know, she would sell her soul for a gourmet dinner. 🙂

  3. She has to hide the choccies from Sonbeam (and probably Ben, too). Once, Sonbeam waltzed through, sniffed and asked, “Have you been eating chocolate?”

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