This is the switch for FelTV (Feline Televison). More specific, for the Squirrel Channel.





The Empress of Finley and her minion (aka The Beach Bum) like to watch this particular channel at around 6 in the morning, when their favorite series is on: “Nibbler, the Arch-Fiend of the Cob.”

The rest of the day they are content with the never ending soap opera running on the Finch Channel. When they are not sleeping, washing, eating or settling the score who is # 1, that is. So they actually spend rather little time watching that particular program. And truth be told, like with any good soap opera the episodes are somewhat repetitive – bickering, ruffled feathers, the occasional tiff, always the same set – the same old, same old day after day.

Still, it’s so nice to be a cat in Los Angeles – as long as the staff does not forget to switch on FelTV.

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