Another One Bites The Dust

I can hardly remember the times when I did not work with computers. PCs, mind you; the Apple machines were and are something I love for their excellent design, but for me there are several reasons why I can not use them in my line of work.

I can very well remember the endless quest for the perfect keyboard. It began back in those times I hardly remember any longer. Was it too much to ask for a keyboard with clean lines, all functions at your fingertips, the perfect “feel” of resistance when hitting a key? Certainly not, one would think.

Anyway, the search came to an end last summer when by happy coincidence I came across an Apple keyboard. My, such a pretty little thing, not at all like the cockpit panel in a bad sci-fi movie. I hit a few keys at random and was sold. A quick trip to the Apple store later I was the owner of the keyboard of my dreams, because yes, one can run them with a PC.

This, however


is a dead Apple keyboard. # 3 since last summer. The cause of death was not sheer exhaustion from being pounded on too much. No, it drowned, like #1 and #2 before. A quick spill of a drink, and #1, #2 and #3 were dead as dormice.

Therefore I would suggest one further improvement to an already near to perfect keyboard: liquid-proofing it.

That would bring me as near to perfect bliss as possible while on this Earth (computer keyboard-wise).

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