Something To Talk About


What’s that to talk about, one might say. It is just a photo of some plants and a tree, dripping with rain. Some might even say – hey, there’s nothing dripping there, that are just wet leaves, come here and we’ll show you what rain is.

Well, for us here in Los Angeles, this is all we seem to be getting this year. Rainfall is always measured from July 1st to June 30th, with the rains concentrating on the time from December to February. According to the records, this season might end up to be the longest dry spell in 130 years of recorded weather. Contrary to the usual 13.94″ (34,4 cm) of rain during the rainy season we have clocked up 2.47″ (6,27 cm) as per April 02, 2007. There is some hope that more rain might drift in by the end of April… but we all know what to think about weather forecasts. Good try, but we’ll see the rain when we get it. Or not.

There is after all a record to break, the season of 2001-2002, with all of 4.42″ (11,22cm) of rain. From July 1st 2001 to June 30th 2002.

Somehow I hope we won’t break this particular record.

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