Is the Future Streamlined?

Yes. Definitely. At least that was the opinion in the ’60s, when Space Age architecture and design was all the rage. One perfect example


of this style is

the Encounter at LAX.

You can read more about this icon of Space Age design here.

From the present viewpoint, the first day of the year 2007, it is easy to say that maybe they were a bit optimistic way back then to predict that this would be the future. One might even chuckle or raise an eyebrow, because today “good” style does not include lava lamps, bordering-on-the ridiculous colors and shapes more related to amoebas than anything else. Not to mention the music, which is… oh, well… a bit spacy… But then, what might the next generations think about our “style” today? There might be some chuckles too.

So, for a full immersion into the ’60s view of what the future would be like, the Encounter is the perfect spot to go. It is fun, it is weird in a lovely way, and for some it might even be a very welcome trip “back to the Future.” After all, the timemaschine (aka Encounter) was build only a little over 40 years ago.

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