A Lovely Stroll In The Neighborhood

With the weather being a wee bit hot right now, it is easier to take a walk either early in the morning or towards evening, when it cools down a bit. Strolling through the quarter one sees lots of other people who enjoy the light evening breeze and the very special light just before sundown.

These two young gentlemen decided to sit outside on their lawn and ask anybody passing by to pose for a photo. Which we did. Then we took a snap of them and asked for permission to put them up on the blog. Which they gave.

Then we started chatting about wine and finally we wandered off again.

Typical for Los Angeles? I don’t know. But certainly for our neighborhood.


Early Evening Stroll

Weather-wise we have nothing to complain about, it’s basically one perfect summer’s day after the other. Especially wonderful are the mornings (for running) and the evenings (for walking).

One stroll to recommend leads past the Prospect Studios,

very much a part of “Old Hollywood” – old in the sense of “where it all began” – and then up Talmadge (yes, yes, named in honor of Norma):

On evenings and in surroundings like this, everybody wants to live in Los Angeles.

Easter Hike

With one of us still limping with a broken fibula and the other one not shod quite right for extensive hiking, we spent only about an hour in Deukmejian Park, which has been opened bit by bit again after the Station Fire in 2009.

Nature does try to regain what was lost and burned; at least the scrub, grasses and wildflowers are back up this year.

To replace the trees lost new ones have been planted. Photos of those will follow in ten years in this blog – right now they are just wee little saplings, protected by mesh and marked by little flags.